About Us

Who We are

Nobleland is a 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit tree-planting organization with a mission to conserve the lungs of planet Earth, forests. We are morally obliged to sustain nature’s diversity, maintain our planet’s health, and most importantly fight climate change for present and future generations.


Nobleland is a unique platform where individuals and companies can connect to nature.  With the help of our professional partners from all around the world, we make every tree count by not only planting but also sustaining them. Once you become a donor of a tree, Nobleland serves to grow and sustain your personalized tree for several years until it becomes mature.

Nobleland is not only a project but a worldwide movement of the new Aristocracy. By being granted a high aristocratic title, above all, you get respect for the contribution you make to the preservation of our Planet. And if we don’t start acting right now, at this moment, we will lose the only chance we are ever going to get. Let’s make this world a better place together!

If there are many of us, we will save the world.

Our Partners

We collaborate with professional Partners worldwide, which perform the tree-planting process 

Our Friends

Friends of Nobleland give discounts to our donors 

Our Guides

Guides of Nobleland are Travel agencies from various parts of the world, who organize tours to guide donors to see their trees. 

How We work


Nobleland has more than 20 professional partners worldwide, which perform tree-planting in countries, where vast deforestation activities have reduced the number of green areas to less than 20% of the entire country’s territory.

We are partnering with Travel agencies that are located in various parts of the world and organize tours to guide people to their trees.


Nobleland is a tree-planting organization where the donors of the trees are sure that their personalized tree has been planted. When planting the trees, stainless steel tags with the names of their owners are attached to them.

GPS locations of trees are being sent to them so that they can visit the countries their trees have been planted in and see them personally. On top of that, tree donors are given noble titles and personalized prizes, depending on the number of trees planted.

Also, Nobleland members get an international discount card and promo codes to make purchases and use services with additional discounts from various shops and companies from all around the world.


  • Nobleland is a 501(c)(3) organization. 

  • Nobleland is an environmental nonprofit tree planting organization which is not affiliated to any religious or political parties.

  • Tree planting activities are carried out on public lands and non-profit private lands by our professional partner organizations.

  • All of the funds raised are permanently dedicated to charitable purpose

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