Every minute, a forest with the size of 50 football fields disappears
from Planet Earth, causing natural disasters and species’ extinction.

We plant trees with your donations and devote them to your loved ones.

Become a part of our mission and give warmest feelings to your loved ones.

How it works

Order your personalized tree

Get confirmation

Your friends receive greeting message

Get your trees location and other benefits

Why is our gift unique?

We bring a special gifting culture.

Plant a Christmas tree with the name tag of your loved one and show that you care.

The recipient of your gift gets a printable Christmas toy with a QR code on it. the code contains the tree’s certificate that is planted on his/her behalf.

This may be a unique gift from a Secret Santa.

Plant a Christmas tree with the name tags of your loved ones and
get a 10% discount
Challenge 5 or more friends and get an extra 10% discount

Both are your homes...

Take one Christmas tree to your home and Plant one for your home planet

Who we are

Nobleland is an environmental non-profit tree planting organization with a mission to conserve the lungs of planet Earth, forests. We are morally obliged to sustain nature’s diversity, maintain our planet’s health and most importantly fight climate change for present and future generations.

We make every tree count by not only planting but also sustaining them. And if we don’t start acting right now, in this moment, we will lose the only chance we are ever going to get. Let’s make this world a better place together!

Want to learn more about NobleLand?

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