You should go to Plant a tree.

The tree you buy is being planted after 3-9 months from your purchase.

Contact your bank or write us an email message to understand what is wrong with payment

Email: support@noble.land

Sorry for that. Contact our customer support service via support@noble.land

Yes sure you can. Go to Christmas Gift-Give a tree

Please contact your Bank and after contact our Customer Support service by support@noble.land

Sure you will. After your tree is planted, you will receive a message including information about your tree location.

To challenge your friends  go to Gift – Gift a tree – Challenge to get discount

Nobleland is a 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit tree-planting organization with a mission to conserve the lungs of planet Earth, forests.

In 2020 300.000 trees were planted sponsored by Nobleland.

Yes it is. Nobleland is 501 (c)(3) organization and donations made to Nobleland are tax deductible.

Nobleland sends exact GPS coordinates of planted trees. Trees are personalized bearing owner’s name.

Sure you can. If you have credit card you can make a purchase.

We have a special project for companies. You can plant trees and receive a Carbon Dioxide Removal Certificate.

You can contact us via email support@noble.land for the individual donation program.

No refund will be offered when a service is deemed to have commenced and is, for all intents and purposes, in progress. Any amount paid to us that constitutes payment for the provision of unused services will be refunded.

You can find list of our professional partners. We plant in 20+ countires.

Nobleland is responsible to sustain planted trees for not less than 3 years.

Nobleland plants different species of trees depending on the region.

Yes you can. In Name field you can write “Anonymous”.

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