Forests are the most cost effective way to fight climate change

Protection of the forests is of the most cost-effective forms of climate action. For about 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide is being absorbed by forests each year. It is only with sustainable forest management that we can help mitigate and adapt the climate change.

The importance of forests as sources of energy will grow, as renewable sources are gradually replacing fossil fuels. Nearly 40% of global renewable energy is supplied by forest, which equals to the amount of solar, hydroelectric and wind power combined.
The devastating effects of illegal and unsustainable logging of forests are known by many, however, as a result of convention of forests to farmland and livestock grazing land agriculture is actually the biggest global driver of deforestation.

The enormous challenge that the world is currently facing is how to manage the ongoing increase in agricultural production and improve food security, meanwhile stop deforestation. It is a huge threat to food and water security as well as local livelihoods; it impacts biodiversity negatively as many species are already extinct, not speaking of social conflict.


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