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Tierra del Volcán is an inbound tour operator that specializes in ecotourism and adventure travel in the Cotopaxi Area on the Central Andes of Ecuador since 1999. With them, you can appreciate the Andes at their maximum intensity, discover the charisma of its people, the diversity of its natural settings, and the adrenaline rush of experiencing a fascinating adventure with experts who have been around the area for five generations. They make sure you get personalized service in a welcoming environment while helping nature conservation and sustainable development in local communities.

Trees For Kenya is a non-governmental organization that both plants donor trees and manages community tree nurseries. They work with communities, Community Forest Associations and Kenya Forest Service, to identify degraded forest lands that need reforestation. On community farms, they support farmers to plant trees for fuel wood, timber, nitrogen balance, soil improvement, fruits, fodder and general agroforestry trees. In addition, Trees For Kenya works with schools in their tree planting efforts. For larger partners, they offer opportunities to offset carbon footprint in Africa by supporting reforestation and agroforestry.

Trees For the future Uganda (TREFF) is a Non-Profit local Organization established in 2013 to address the social, environmental, agricultural and economic challenges facing Uganda at a time. Since then the organization has worked in close collaboration with communities on projects aiming at protection and restoration of degraded environment, enhancing people’s participation in sustainable land use and income generation and establishing Hamlet organic gardens. These activities are aimed at improving and increasing food production, family income and enhancing local knowledge to address economic challenges.

Green Cameroon is an environmental NGO in Buea founded in 2003 by a group of young Cameroonians who felt concerned about the level of environmental degradation and lack of interest and awareness on environmental issues that prevailed at the level of the population of Cameroon. Its mission is to conserve Cameroon’s rich biodiversity by working on practical solutions to solve nature conservation problems. The organization pays close attention to sustainable development, rural community livelihood and contemporary environmental issues.

International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI) was founded in 2013 as the first-ever weekly twitter conversation about climate change in sub-Saharan Africa with the vision to build a climate-smart generation across Africa using the power of social media to inform, connect and empower young people to take action and hold government actionable to addressing climate change. It has since grown into a well-recognized, expertly staffed organization. They are a team of young professionals who have spent extensive time in the fields of climate change and sustainable development and have dedicated their work to create, facilitate, and manage youth-oriented projects.